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A corporate video is the absolute best way to acquire new customers and communicate with existing ones!

One picture says more than a thousand words. Not to mention 25 images per second? The future of communication between people is certainly not written on specialized blogs with font 12 and line spacing 1.5. The future is a moving image – fast, attractive and effective videos. Exactly as we do.

Vlogs and Content on social media vs. corporate videos

One of the ways to make your company's communication more attractive is to introduce videos to your social media content. LinkedIn
It's a great place to share your expertise and build your brand.

You must know that social media is already strongly focused on video. Videos on social media platforms generate several times more organic reach than static images or articles. Corporate Video You can add to your social media and stand out from the competition! Film production Krakow, is distinguished by attention to detail and many years of experience in the film industry. 

Production of corporate films Krakow and the whole Poland

Before you a classic of the genre – Corporate film is a longer form than vlogs, often composed of several statements, having a plot line. So much for dry information.

A corporate film is an effective advertisement for your company because it shows that behind the logo, brand and corporation there are ordinary people – cool, smiling people with whom your client can finally identify and identify.

This is the most important goal of corporate films – to show the human face of the company, to make your institution simply like! Only by achieving the first goal can we think about building trust and sales. Produkcja filmów korporacyjnych w mieście Kraków jest usługa, którą zajmujemy się już wiele lat. Cena filmu korporacyjnego uzależniona jest od jego długości, scenografii czy liczby aktorów.


How to build trust and close sales? Here we propose the production of testimonials and success story. These are specific types of corporate films that are characterized by the fact that the focus is not on you... and your customer!

A vivid example of the implementation of your service. Showing the benefits that resulted from this implementation. No round words and pouring water. Document of success. Testimonials and success stories are often the final element of the sales funnel that determines the success of sales. 

What can corporate films be used for?

Of course, there is no such thing as a universal material. It all depends on a predetermined assumption. We give only a few examples where corporate film productions can be used.

  • fair 
  • internal and external training
  • websites dedicated to a specific industry
  • social media
  • congresses
  • internal television of the company

See one more example of our corporate film!

Business photography as a complement to corporate films

Once you've decided on a rednose set, why not make the most of it? When everyone is beautifully dressed and make-up, we can carry out a photo session of your team. Fotografia biznesowa Kraków Rednoses pomoże Ci by Twój zespół idealnie prezentował się na klatkach zdjęciowych.

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A consistent image is a detail that distinguishes "good" companies from "best" companies

Sum up
corporate videos 

  • Now - this is the best time to enter the film 
  • Video - communication of the future is a film, not a text
  • Content – regular publication of content guarantees success 
  • O, effectiveness!The numbers speak for themselves. Film is the most effective form of promotion in the twenty-first century.

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