Professional photo production

We offer a range of photo services. Below we present the effects of activities in four areas: portrait photography, corporate and business photos, culinary photography and reports from events, but we also undertake other orders, and our portfolio is expanding every month. Years of individual experience of photographers now result in excellent cooperation in the Red Noses team adds production Cracow. We can combine original ideas with high-quality photo material. In addition to technical craftsmanship, we always try to capture what is most fleeting - the emotions and atmosphere of the moment. We take photos in our own studio in Krakow's Kazimierz, as well as outdoors, and also wherever you want!

culinary photography



corporate and buisness photos

Photography: art or tool?

Well, this is product photography, studio photography, company photography ... There are so many types of photography that it is not easy to answer this question unequivocally. Some focus more on the artistic aspect, while others are supposed to bring tangible benefits and have a specific purpose. Both are important. We will try to explain superficially what the world of professional photography looks like, so that everyone who reads these few paragraphs has a general impression of what we are talking about.

Corporate photography Cracow

This branch of photography focuses on two aspects, workers and spaces. Photos of employees are an extremely valuable addition to any company's website, and their smiling faces give the impression of openness and invite you to contact us. It is worth investing in good company photos presenting the company's employees. Photos of space work well in production companies. We present new technologies, professional equipment and a team that knows their work. Pictures of this type will show the production process and interest potential customers. We also offer productions corporate films.

Studio photography

A very wide branch of photography, used successfully in advertising and not only. Professional photography is mostly taken in the studio in controlled conditions that allow for perfect lighting and full control over it. The photo studio will allow you to prepare photos down to the smallest detail, regardless of weather conditions. The best example here are "macro" photos, photos taken on small objects from a small number. Full control over the environment is necessary here to get the right effect. Attention to detail is extremely important in studio photography.

Commercial photography

Here again we have two general categories: people and products. Advertising photography may consist in photographing the product as such, in which case the advantages should be emphasized or the appearance of the package should be emphasized. The product advertised by itself must be the star of the photo. If we base product photography on photos of models or actors presenting a product or service, we should focus on good emotions so that the associations encourage the client to use our products or advertising photography services in Krakow.

Professional photography Cracow

What exactly is professional photography? How do you generally define what it is?

The answer to this question is not clear. On the one hand, we can say that for professional photography you need the right equipment and skills confirmed by hours of practice to get the right effect. On the other hand, however, every photography enthusiast who takes pictures on request and receives remuneration for them, can claim to be a professional and a professional. However, we urge you to use the services of Red Noses Production House in the context of Professional Photography in Krakow.

Photography price list

Photography valuation is a very broad issue, you have to take into account many factors. The number of photos that must be taken at one time is important, the degree of complexity of business or advertising photography, as well as the extent of the entire operation in the context of the location. Each case is individual and requires a special approach. However, if you are looking for the phrase "Krak贸w photography", feel free to visit us! We will professionally and comprehensively evaluate and carry out your order. We will ask the right questions to ensure that the valuation is precise and your needs are met.