Promotional and advertising videos

Producing promotional videos is not an easy task, trust the professionals!

The price of the promotional video?

The valuation of a promotional film is always an individual matter. We need to know your needs and capabilities.

No one will ever bring a ready-made idea that will work in every situation, hence the need for an individual approach to the subject of advertising films.

Budgets for the production of promotional films fluctuate a lot and in each range you can create something interesting.

Where to record promotional videos?

Where to record a promotional video? There is also no universal answer to this question.

Of course, you can use the spaces available in your company, but sometimes it is worth looking at the production of advertising films from a different angle.

Maybe you will be able to use public space, or an interesting and unique location that will distinguish your promotional film in the crowd?

How are promotional videos created?

Here, of course, there is no one simple answer 馃檪 either

Each product, service or brand advertises differently. A good video should show the human face of your brand.

Have you ever seen anyone in a Nike commercial talk about the grippy properties of their shoes?

The main purpose of advertising, in addition to informing, is to establish a relationship with a potential customer. To do this, we refer to emotions and storytelling 鈥 we tell stories that show the human face of the brand. Happiness, tears, joy or sadness.

In the production of promotional videos, we focus on telling your story 鈥 thanks to this, people will like you and you will gain their trust.

Features of a good promotional video?


What could be better than free, organic promotion?
Statistics show that people share video content on average 12 times more often than text and images. Why not take advantage of it?

"Shareable" videos are videos that either give food for thought or that are funny. And it's best when they're funny thought-provoking videos.

Did someone just say Red Noses...? 馃檪

Clearly defined marketing goal

Before starting cooperation with the client, it is very important for us to clearly define the goals that the advertisement is to meet. Where will the ad funnel appear? Do we create multiple versions of ads tailored to different places of sharing?

Here are the top marketing goals according to Google Brandlab

鈼 building awareness 鈥 increasing conversion and the number of unique visits
鈼 Traffic generation 鈥 increasing the percentage of new visitors to the website and remarketing
鈼 Purchases 鈥 increasing the percentage of transactions made.

Appropriate promotional video length

According to TikTok's research, if you do not interest the viewer in the first 3 seconds, no one will watch your video to the end.

Today, no one has enough time to waste it on uninteresting content.
That's why at Red Noses we follow two principles when it comes to promotional videos for companies: intensity and brevity of the material.

Who should I commission the production of an advertising / promotional film?

"Rocket launcher"

Let's face it 鈥 what you are doing now, namely reading continuous text on the screen, is going out of fashion. Welcome to a new era 鈥 the "postliterate" era

The sooner you adapt to the new era and learn the principles governing it, the more effective your brand, your business, your product will be.

"If advertising is the lever of trade, then our films are a rocket launcher :)."

Get into the Red Nosesmobile and let's create space content together!

Spoty reklamowe Krak贸w – produkcja film贸w reklamowych

Tworzymy spoty reklamowe w Krakowie, a nasze us艂ugi to gwarancja jako艣ci i kreatywno艣ci. Je艣li poszukujesz profesjonalnej produkcji film贸w promocyjnych, warto da膰 nam szans臋. Nasze do艣wiadczenie i 艣wietny sprz臋t sprawi膮, 偶e Tw贸j spot reklamowy b臋dzie wyj膮tkowy i skuteczny. Odkryj potencja艂, jaki kryje si臋 w filmach promocyjnych od Red Noses i zdob膮d藕 uwag臋 swoich klient贸w ju偶 teraz. Je艣li chcesz wyr贸偶ni膰 si臋 na rynku i zyska膰 zaufanie klient贸w, to Red Noses to w艂a艣ciwy wyb贸r dla Twojej marki.

Promotional and advertising films in Krakow 鈥 why us?

The production of promotional films is not a task for the "Marcin" team, which in the break between weddings will shoot your idea with a camera 鈥 a SLR.
At Red Noses, we focus on the quality of advertising films.
We shoot on cameras that HBO and Netflix productions use.

Equipment is not everything? Sure, the rest will be fixed in post-production.
You will say that it is boasting. And we will say that it is, because we know what we 馃檪 are doing

Rednoses production house 鈥 Krakow